Monday, June 21, 2010

Who is Spiritual Among You?

Here are my observations about the characteristics of the most spiritual people I know:

Spiritual people many times look like their lives are a train wreck. People who have disasters, tragedy, and/or hardship in their lives and turn to the presence of God for life and sanity have a different understanding of God than others who have a great life. Some spiritual people have dealt with depression or anxiety while others are transformed through incarceration or addiction. But they all know Jesus is real and that the power of God is good.

Spiritual people don't argue religious dogma nor do they cling to a traditional view of God.

Spiritual people have a constant eye out for other spiritual souls and are attracted to those who gently and humbly carry the transforming message of hope in Jesus Christ that they daily live in.

Spiritual people don't always talk about everything they know or have experienced without being asked.

Spiritual people usually don't ask the question of "why me?" but have just accepted that sometimes good people hurt and the reason may be God's alone. They are thankful for today and today alone.

Spiritual people hunger for the word of God in Scripture and in the "still quiet voice."

Spiritual people show up to pray for and encourage others who are going through difficulty and have the faith to really pray for healing and deliverance.

Spiritual people find true praise and worship as pleasing as spending time with their closest friend because it is.

Spiritual people aren't all up tight about everyone believing as they do.

Spiritual people find beauty in the quiet moments with God.

Spiritual people belong to a fellowship of believers.

Spiritual people love Jesus with all their heart and aren't afraid of raising their hands or being demonstrative during praise and worship.

Spiritual people give freely to those in need and shows hospitality.

Spiritual people are spiritual because of their daily walk. They are not born into it but rather are borne into it in the arms of Jesus.

When you think of spiritual people, what characteristics do you think of?