Sunday, March 29, 2009

Experiencing God

This blog is for people who want to experience more of God's Spirit in their life. Are you ready?

We live in a time where knowing about something is more important than experiencing it. Many media outlets feed us tons of staged and rehearsed life experiences that we, like zombies, sit and watch without experiencing those things for ourselves. It's like watching the Bowflex commercial and expecting that (not working out or exercising) is going to change your out-of-shape body. We watch someone else climb mountains or have great adventures but we, ourselves, never leave the comfort of our living room. Unfortunately, in many cases, church is also one of those media outlets.

Most people are content with a media presentation about God without experiencing Him for themselves. Think of the millions of Christians in tens of thousands of churches who never experience the manifest presence of God for themselves. They never have experienced miraculous healing. They never have experienced miracles. They have never have experienced the working of the Spirit. They have never heard the voice of God or the stirring of the Spirit. They sit and are passively entertained. Many Christians don't even know to expect more or have been told to want more is 'emotional hype' or heresy. So, they are content with listening to a sermon and music but in their spirit, they are hungry for more. But do they know what they hunger for? What they are eating is junk food with no substance. What they are wanting is a feast of nutritious food that will make them strong and healthy.

I must admit I have never been a very good 'passive audience member.' So a few years ago, I asked God for more. I was weary of hiding behind flimsy definitions of who God is and how I thought He does (or doesn't) work in the present day. I wanted out of the box but had no way of knowing what to do to other than pray that God would give me more of Himself. I had no idea of what was going to happen. Then, God placed people and experiences in front of me that have changed my spiritual life and have blessed the people around me.

I would rather experience the Holy Spirit than know about the Holy Spirit. I would rather experience the arms of God sheltering me form the storm than know He did that back in the Old Testament. I would rather prophesy or receive a word from God through a brother or sister than watch the most entertaining sermon being performed that is not a word from the Lord. I want to hear the voice of God guide me than others telling me what I need to do. I would rather sing three words that God gives me than sit through an energetic but uninspired worship service that leaves me empty inside and hungry for the presence of Christ. I am to the point that I will not drink of anything but Living Water or eat anything that is not the Bread of Life.

For me, I stopped blaming church and began the process of changing myself. I stopped depending on the church to feed me and turned to God for guidance. My journey began with asking God for more of Him. It began by declaring that 'Jesus is Lord' and allowed God to change me.

Jesus, I want to know you and be known by you. You are the desire of my heart and the longing of my spirit. Father, I want to experience the Holy Spirit as you want me to, no smoke and mirrors. Touch me Father, change my hardened heart to experience your love and goodness. Lord, I am ready to drink the Living Water and eat of the Bread of Life. Jesus is Lord.

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