Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Searching for the Spirit

When and how were you aware of the Holy Spirit acting in your life?

My first and most significant time was at a retreat after 6 hours of praise and worship. I had fasted for four days, asking God to make himself known to me. I was aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit when a magnificent sense of peace and love overcame me to the point I could barely move...actually, I didn't want to move. I felt an incredibly powerful love for the men who were at the retreat, a love for Jesus that was tangible, and a desire to be closer to Him.

It has been my experience that the presence of the Spirit is most noticeable after an extended period of praise and worship (refer to my first posts concerning how I got there) and asking God to be known. I have also found that fasting for several days helps and that confessing my sins openly does as well. Its like God wants us to clean away the muck of our lives so He has room to inhabit us as we praise Him. This is just my experience, I am sure it is different for others.

But I would like to hear about your experiences with the Spirit. How are you aware of the Spirit? What to you do to make this possible?


  1. I've been watching to see if anyone would respond - anxiously awaiting to hear how others are aware of the Holy Spirit in our lives and what they do to make His presence manifest.
    I dislike going 'first' but I honestly don't know how anyone makes it without those times of refreshing.
    Yep. God loves a sincere heart - one that 'chases' after Him. It's my experience that chasing can be done in many ways at differing times. Fasting is a sure way to grasp the heart of God and experience a move of His Spirit on our lives. Sincere and heart-felt prayer is another way - not simply listing our 'needs' to God, but literally 'listening' to Him. Waiting upon the Lord is another way. To 'wait' and 'listen' with intent before we make a decision or speak into a difficult situation is what I'm talking about. Worship (not a song-service), but real, drawing close enough to kiss God - worship brings God's heart close to His children. Remembering that God created it all - helps me too. When I look up into the night sky and realize in the depth of my heart, that ALL creation testifies that there is a God - I feel His Spirit drawing me closer to Him.
    So I guess for me, it's differing ways at various times.
    Thank you for asking!

  2. Thanks for responding...I was waiting for someone to get the ball rolling with this one....Thanks for breaking the ice.

    Deb, your experiences are similar to mine. I wonder if people aren't responding because they don't know or, more concerning, haven't ever been in the presence of the Spirit. It is my hope that Christians can experience Him, deeply, personally and intimately, not just cognitively.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Dusty Chris,
    I believe it's because many grow uncomfortable when prompted to speak of the deeper matters of their hearts (because they're not certain what's really in there - or what's supposed to be in there)?

  4. Listening to the whisperings of the holy spirit. My first ac counter I had was this past summer with my oldest son. He was out riding his bike with some of the other kids in our cul-de-sac. I had went outside to check on him and saw a ramp set up. The spirit had prompted me to warn my son (who was 5) not to go. But I let my emotions take over me that I felt like the nagging mom, and so went back inside. Fifteen minutes later one of the neighbor boys came hysterically running up to my door, informing me my son was hurt. I immediately ran I found him lying in the street on his back. He had went off the ramp and landed face down on the cement. He had a knot on him that was the size of a goose egg. Since then I've realized the importance of the promptings the holy spirit gives. Great blog-thank you, God bless