Friday, December 25, 2009

What is your favorite present?

What has God given you for which you are most thankful? For me, the love of a wife, the greatest kids in the world, friends that are actually there for me when I need them, a warm comfortable bed, neighbors I can trust, birds I can watch out my kitchen window, a kitchen window, a great place to worship, and good health.

What's on your "thankfulness" list?


  1. My wife, kids, beer and our temporary house.

  2. Hey, you stole my list, Chris! Well, I'd leave out the birds, because they get into our strawberries. But on top of that would have to be the assurance that my Heavenly Father has reserved a place for me, by His glorious side. I pray that if all these things were taken away from me, that I would have the steadfastness of Job and lean upon the Rock.

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  3. Ditto with all the above ... except no wife ... add horses and dogs ... keep the birds ... scratch the beer for me (ugh)... add awesome grandkids ... house for me and barn for the horses ... MOST of all for Jesus, My Precious Redeemer ... God's Presence in my life ... His Living Word ... and His promise that no matter what, He will never ever leave me and NOTHING can ever separate me from His love ...

    PSALM 103 about sums it all up!!!!

    May God bless you abundantly in 2010!
    Stand fast my friends!

  4. he's given me life. He didn't let me die when I lived in darkness on life's edge. And He's give me soft places now to fall...Him, my family and great friends. Sarah