Saturday, August 1, 2009


I bought a mirror last night, a wedding present for my niece and her husband. It is a big honkin' thing, which I hope they can use somewhere in their house to bring light. Mirrors are interesting because they can only reflect light, not create it. Mirrors in the dark reflect nothing but...well, dark. But hang it where light hits it and makes the space look lighter, brighter and better.

Aubrey and Tyler, my prayer for you is that you will reflect the love of Jesus to one another. God wants to minister to the other using you, and He can only do that if you are willing to do God's work in the other's life. You can not "fix" each other nor can you fulfill each other; only Jesus, through you, can do that. I hope your connection with each other is secondary only to your connection with the Father. If you can do that, God will fill you with an extraordinary love. If you can do that, God will work miracles in your lives. Then, everyone else will be able to see the reflection of Jesus in your lives. Blessings.

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  1. I hope you attached this note... it is beautiful and true.