Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top 40 Things to do in Colorado

Here is my list of the top 40 things you can do in Colorado (I tried to keep to 30 but there is just too much to do):

1. Drive to the top of Pikes Peak.
2. Ride the Sky Ride at Royal Gorge
3. Climb Mt. Elbert
4. Eat fruit in Paonia
5. Stand on the North Rim of the Black Canyon
6. Ski Crested Butte, Powderhorn or Telluride
7. Walk into Billings Tunnel (abandoned gold mine outside Salida)
8. Float the Colorado or Arkansas River
9. Drive through Glenwood Canyon
10. Drive through the aspen groves of Kebler Pass (stop at Lost Lake)
11. Visit the Great Sand Dunes National Monument outside Alamosa
12. Fly fish
13. Eat dinner in one of the many restaurants in Crested Butte
14. Go window shopping in Aspen
15. Climb any of the 54 14,000+ mountains
16. Go fourwheeling at St. Elmo or Salida
17. Cherry Days 4th of July Parade in Paonia
18. Take a Jeep Ride in Ouray
19. Stay and Swim at Waunita Hot Springs or Pagosa Hot Springs
20. See the landslide on Slumgullion Pass
21. See the wildflowers above Lake Irwin and Gothic, near Crested Butte
22. Hike up to Devil's Punch Bowl, outside Marble
23. Eat at the Redstone Inn in Redstone
24. Drive across Grand Mesa (and stop for a while at Land's End)
25. Spend a couple of days at Rocky Mountain National Monument
26. Take a tour of the Focus on the Family National Headquaters in Colorado Springs
27. Go see American Basin outside Ouray
28. See the ruins at Mesa Verde
29. Stand in four states at the same time at Four Courners
30. Drive to the top of Mt. Evans (the highest road in America)
31. Drive the loop at Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs
32. Stay at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs
33. Go across McClure Pass from Carbondale to Paonia
34. Drive carefully across Independence Pass from Twin Lakes to Aspen
35. Attend a county fair in any county of your choice
36. Ride the narrow gauge train from Durango to Silverton
37. Drive on the Million Dollar Highway between Silverton and Ouray
38. Eat lunch in downtown Salida (Amica's is good) then stand on the bridge and watch the Arkansas River roll by
39. See the huge monuments at the Colorado National Monument close to Grand Junction
40. Find the closest ghost town and visit the rich heritage of Colorado


  1. Indeed a good list that could go on and on. I would add ride the train to Silverton from Durango, take the Cog train to the top of Pikes Peak, fly fish a high mountain lake, swim in the natural pool at Ouray and sit on a rock-look at the wonder God has made and appreciate His glory. Thanks for the list.

  2. And listen to the elk bugle at Haygen, swim in the Hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs, hike up to Smowmass Lake (the world's most beautiful lake)....sitting on a rock....if the rock has really great scenery. Thanks for dropping by...