Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Church of Hope

In my last post I wrote about hope. I wrote that hope is what bring joy into our lives, that we can always anticipate life being better down the road. Hope encourages. Hope weathers the storms of life, together. Hope comforts and restores. Hope gives...well...hope to those around.

The church is a group of people that all cling to the same hope. Hopeful churches are joyful places to be. They center on the amazing grace of God, the Spirit dwelling amongst them and supporting those in need, as well as, celebrating with those have cause to celebrate. Hope creates a loving fellowship because we all know we are on a journey together, allowing God to work on each of us as He sees fit.

Pray for hope for your church. Ask God to give the church a hopeful message to those in need.


  1. as i grow older i begin to see myself as a "Hope Dispenser". there isn't nearly enough affirmation and encouragement in this world and when you see incredible need every day then i find that i need to spend a large amount of time dispensing hope and encouraging people to keep on.
    that's being the church for me right now.

  2. Wonderful post brother!
    I am now apart of a congregation that shares in a common hope that does bring true, authentic joy and love throughout the entire group of believers. Thanks Dusty Chris for this excellent reminder and I will pray for every church as you mentioned that we all will sharing in the same hope through Jesus Christ!