Monday, November 16, 2009

Ten Things Wives Can Do To Improve Their Marriage

Here are ten things a wife can do to improve her marriage:

1. Do five things a day to show your husband you care about him.
2. Allow him to talk to you without talking over him or cutting him off.
3. Initiate physical affection with him at least three times a day.
4. Exercise daily.
5. At least once a month, initiate a sexual experience with him.
6. Compliment him at least two times a day.
7. Pray for your husband every day....Also ask God to provide you wisdom and knowledge for how you can minister to him.
8. Sandwich any criticism between two positives.
9. Ask him what is important to him for you to do for him today.
10. Be quick to verbalize forgiveness and love.


  1. Again, good foundational tips. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, after 28 years of marriage guess what I got this year for Christmas? A toaster! Yes, it was on my list, because we needed one, but there were about 7 other things on there as well, more personal and anticipated. But that is all I got. Some advice? What do I do now?
    Do I send him an email with your article on "What not to get your wife for Christmas"?
    Do I just pray and give it to God?

  3. Without knowing much of your situation I would say talk to him about what you are feeling. Do you think this is an indication there is something deeper wrong with your marriage? Yes, give it to God, but I also encourage you to talk about with your husband. Err on the side of talking about it instead of holding those feelings in.