Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Government Gridlock II

I was watching the news today where a prominent Democrat was lamenting that Congress couldn't get anything done because of Republicans. He said the "people of America expect more from the government. The American people want this government to get things done."

Uh, no we don't. We elected people who we thought were going to shrink the size of government and its intrusion in our lives. We elected people who promised to stand up against terrorism and protect us from harm. We elected people who would argue until they are blue in the face for the rights of the unborn, states rights and fairness. If they are fighting for these things, they are doing what we elected them to do.

Not everyone is for the US becoming Socialist country where the government replaces God to give us all we need at the cost of freedom. There are still honest and good folks who liked it the way it was in the 50's, 60's and 70's and 80's. And we vote our morals and dreams for this country.

Filibuster. Fight. Argue. Hold fast until the elections of 2010. Be obstructionists. That is why we elected you (and there are more on the way this fall).


  1. Yeah, I saw that too, and I kept asking myself, "What's the other side of the story?" I did agree with the article that it's a money game, where the people with the most pocket change make the most political change. Sometimes I feel like it's a losing battle... but it's always one worth fighting.

    I am adding your post to the lists on my "activist" blog.

  2. Yeah it makes you wonder if something else is going on or if he is seeing the conservative train coming with the Liberals stuck on the tracks. Whatever the case, I hope conservatives keep up the fight.

    More than money, I think whoever has the most support gets the political change. But change is such a fickle taskmaster...