Monday, March 8, 2010

The Role of Pastor

How involved should a pastor be in the the lives of people in their their community? Should they be friends? Accountability partners? Should they have a professional distance in their relationships? Should they share their own issues with members of their church?

What do you think?


  1. hmmmm...interesting question...

    Well, the shepherd HAS to be involved with the sheep. He is responsible to God for tending to his flock/congregation's health and welfare. That involves much more than JUST feeding and watering.

    The shepherd must be able to spot problems ... this requires personal interaction and inspection.

    The surrounding community affects his sheep too ... sooo ... no-brainer on that one.

    "Friends...accountability partners?" ... GOD is the One that puts those together! THAT requires prayin' and waitin' on His leading.

    "Professional distance ...?" At times, I think SO ... when the flock is grazing and when securely tucked in the sheepfold ... YES! The shepherd stands over the flock and watches them ...

    Then he circles around the entire flock, on foot, observes the outer edge and looks for stragglers, signs of invaders, etc.

    HOWEVER, when the sheep come through the gate into the fold, the shepherd TOUCHES each one ... he HAS to feel way down in the fur, for burrs, bugs or injuries, failure to thrive, signs of illness or malnourishment, etc.

    SO ... the "distance" the pastor needs to keep is relative to the relationship, isn't it?

    The Lord creates some relationships, precisely to be symbiotic (to work together for the benefit of each other)!

    Sheep also break off into "clan" groups, as most species do ... including pastors/shepherds!

    WOW ... I sure hope more of ya'll jump in here!

  2. Thanks for writing. I have been around sheep before and ...boy, are they dumb. They require human (and God's) intervention just to stay viable as a species. They are an animal looking for a place to die.

    Funny that God compares us to coincidence there.

    I think the pastor's have to be aware of the sheep's health. HE has to know when to lead them to water, when to lead them to the pasture and when to lead them to the fold. Otherwise, they will die.

    Same for shepherds of the church. I think God wants pastor to love their sheep so they can intervene on God's behalf when the herd starts toward the spiritual cliff.

    And the pastor never rests. He cannot have his own agenda over what the sheep need...otherwise the flock is harmed....and the sheep go off the proverbial cliff.
    But the sheep also have to love the shepherd and trust that their needs will be taken care of.

    I think the role of shepherd is very active, never a dull moment. He has to keep watch for new pastures, better water and safer folds.