Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures of Colorado

These are some pictures from out Spring Break trip to Paonia, Colorado from the deck of my parents house. We went skiing at Powderhorn (an awesome local ski area) and just hung around the house and ate homemade donuts (from scratch), hearty soups, great enchiladas and green chili blintzes. Paonia feels like home to me almost as much as Irving, TX does.

My parents operate Austin Family Farms, a farm that supplies farmer market, supermarkets, natural stores, and the community with naturally grown fruit and vegetables. They have apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, berries, table grapes and all manner of veggies. The white triangles is hail screen for the fruit trees.

These pictures remind me of when I was growing up, the gardeners of the church would put bags of zucchini and other veggies in unlocked cars in the church parking lot. God has blessed my dad with a green thumb.

Mountains outside Salida

My parent's peach orchard.

And when we got to Irving, TX, it had been snowing for the past 12 hours....WHAT!!???!!! It is supposed to be warmer than Colorado.


  1. Wow! Those mountains look close enough to touch! Beautiful, just beautiful! The orchard appears to have been lightly dusted with powdered sugar!

    So this is where the snow in Texas came from!!?? LOL ... YOU brought it!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures. Glad you all had a great "Spring" Break!

  2. What a nice place your parents have!

  3. Wonderful photos - thanks for the glimpse into your spring break. Now we see where you get your desire to 'work the fields of harvest'. lol