Thursday, December 24, 2009

Being Thankful instead of BMW

Sorry I haven't written in a while as I have been dealing with Jared having pneumonia during the holidays. Three days ago he turned blue and was responseless so we have had to pay more attention to his needs. He just requires more CPT, breathing treatments and TLC as he sleeps it off....and he HATES having a candula in his nose (which forces oxygen up his nose)...he hates it and fights it.

I am not writing this as an excuse or to whine about it because it just is what it is and am happy to help him as much as I can. But it reminds of something I have been wanting to write about....

I know many people who BMW (Bellyache, Moan and Whine) about everything. "It's too hot." "It's too cold." "The holidays are too hectic." "I just have too much to do." And if you are a Republican, "The Democrats are ruining our country." OK. But I am experiencing the same weather and I am not complaining about it. I have to shop, cook, wrap presents, too, and I rather like it. I have to live in a country where Democrats are running things, too, and I have deciding to pray for them. I have just as much to do as most do but I count it a blessing instead of a chore. So what's the deal with all the whining?

God says we are supposed to be thankful. Thankful for the hot or cold weather that he has provided. Thankful we can buy presents and thankful that we have others to give those presents to. We are to be thankful for something to do and thankful we have kids to take to soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, band and orchestra. We are to be a thankful people because God is giving us what we need and helping us through some pretty remarkable times. Be thankful we live in a country where we can vote (or not) for who we want to be governed by.

What do you think is at the root of all this whinging? Attention? Listen to yourself. Are you whining? Can you be thankful? What do you whine about the most?

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  1. Dear Dusty Chris,

    How true it is that we get bogged down in the details of life and get overwelmed and forget to thank God every day for the day itself and being alive to enjoy it! Things can change in a heartbeat as you know with Jared's fragile health and even a healthy child can go "bad" through an accident or injury as they are the biggest cause of death in children! Getting a call at 2 a.m. in the morning and finding out that my daughter's best friend's child is fighting for her little life in the hospital and is on a ventilator after a near drowning accident and in a medically induced coma is quite a reality check as to what is really important in life! We get ourselves worked up about things that shouldn't matter and don't get worked up about things that should matter! May God give us His perspective and His priorities! Live, laugh and love!