Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is coming soon

I wrote this poem in 2005:

Christmas Is Coming Soon

On cold starry nights in the gray of the morn,
With wonder I gaze,
The lights of the tree and the ornaments adorn,
the soft mellow glow,
Christmas is coming soon.

Boxes piled high with bows, ribbon and string,
Armloads of presents,
Guessing and asking, the smiles that they bring,
The cat sleeping under the tree,
Christmas is coming soon.

Plans have been made with our family and friends,
Sharing our lives and joys,
Laughing and eating, the joy never ends,
playing football outside,
Christmas is coming soon.

Playing the games and singing the songs,
Sitting and talking,
Each one is welcome and each one belongs,
Here in this place,
Christmas is coming soon.

Some sit and talk while others take naps,
Too full to move,
Some play outside and some look at maps,
Dreaming of faraway lands,
Christmas is coming soon.

Joy to the World and Silents Nights,
Sleigh rides and 12 days,
Frosty the Snowman and snowball fights,
House to house in the cold,
Christmas is coming soon.

Stockings hang empty on the mantle with care,
Waiting to be filled,
The feeling of love for us thick in the air,
The Christ has come,
Christmas is coming soon.

We celebrate Jesus, Messiah, as King,
Come let us adore Him,
Heralding angels and Jingle Bells ring,
Be near me Lord Jesus,
Christmas is coming soon.


  1. Did you write it? It captures the busyness of the season without taking away from the holy awe of Christmas. Beautiful.

  2. Yes. I wrote it for my Christmas letter a few years back. I am glad you liked it.