Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heifer International

I want to encourage you to look into HEIFER INTERNATIONAL.

What a great organization! For a relatively modest amount, they provide a family in the third world with a cow (goat, lllama, chickens, rabbits, pig, sheep, bees, water buffalo, ducks or camels) and training on how to care for the animal. Your gift provides a family with a way of making a living. You can stretch out your hand to people in developing countries and touch lives.

Think about it as a birthday or Christmas gift to someone who "has everything." Take the amount of money you would've spent on Halloween candy, give it to HI then hand out notes about what you did (i.e., "A gift of one dollar was given to Heifer International to help a family in a developing country. Check it out at").

You will feel good about giving hope and promise to someone in need.

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  1. Your Halloween idea is fantastic! We will include it in our next "HERD The News" this week. Thanks for your support!