Friday, October 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Food

What do you like to eat the most on Thanksgiving Day? My personal favorite (at this point) is stuffing....and Turkey....and mashed taters...and....

But what is your favorite? If you have a favorite recipe, could you leave it in the comment section? I am thinking about what to fix but I got nuthin'.


  1. my wife does up this pumpkin cheesecake that is to die for.

  2. Yum...that sounds really good. I will google it to see if I can find the recipe. Thanks.

  3. Our family favorites include: baked yams, fresh garlic mashed potatoes, steamed green beans with sliced mushrooms sauteed in butter, homemade clam dip, black olives to eat off of your fingertips and pumpkin pie. Oh yes, we love canned cranberry sauce, (the kind you can slice) and we cut out cranberry turkeys with a cookie cutter! Desserts: my mother's cheese pie and pumpkin pie with real whipped cream! Oh yummmm ... I am definitely ready! And of course, turkey ... dark meat here ... how about you all?

  4. I am a dark meat turkey guy myself. We go to my inlaw's house and have mashed potatoes, cornbread/white bread dressing, green breens, fruit salad, and about ten different types of pies. The best thing about thanksgiving is having family together, in-laws, aunts and uncles around the table (then watch football afterward). My motherinlaw also peices together a family quilt on Thanksgiving day (that all the kids make the peices) to be won in a drawing on Christmas Day.

  5. I LOVE the quilt idea! What an AWESOME family tradition!!!
    My mother used to also make a fresh fruit salad, with mini-marshmallows in it and sour cream, I believe. I had forgotten about that, until you mentioned yours. Yuummmm :P
    We used to like watching the Twilight Zone marathon; my dad, football!