Monday, October 5, 2009

Loving God

What is your motive for praise and worship? Do you have one? Is it to be in God's presence? Is it to receive a blessing from God? Is it just to give God His due, giving Him what is rightfully His? Is it because you are supposed to and you are just being obedient?

There are so many motives, underlying reasons why people praise and worship God. In my experience, when I give God what is due Him, then all the others fall into place. If my praise is to honor God (like what the creatures and angels and cloud of witnesses are doing in heaven) then God shows up. Then I get to enjoy being in His presence and He blesses me.

When I sense the presence of God, I keep focusing on what got me there instead of focusing on the feelings I am experiencing. If I focus on my feelings, then I have taken my focus off of God and His presence begins to ebb. When I place my focus back on praising God instead of my feelings, I can again enjoy His closeness and presence in worship.

What is your experience of being in the presence of God? Any insights you can share?


  1. Hi Dusty Chris - Nice to meet you.

    Praise and worship to me is about paying attention. I may be in church singing or in the dark in the middle of the night. What I'm doing outward fades ~ just like you said, focus.

    "When one follows in the dust of the Master, one is likely to get dusty, too." --That is good, no, that it Great. Getting dusty for Jesus keeps the heart clean.

  2. I think you are right. A big part of praise and worship is also letting go of your own control and allowing God to dwell with you. God can't dwell inside your praise unless you are willing to allow Him.
    Wouldn't you agree?