Friday, September 25, 2009

My Avatar is Cooler Than Me

The title says it all. On Farmtown (Facebook), my avatar is easy going, quick to befriend, talk, and be open. I am some of those things in degree but not nearly so as my avatar. My avatar was even sharing about Jesus with another farmer who hired me and the conversation just was easy.

My avatar has a biting wit, is slightly sarcastic and very, very competitive. OK, OK, so the competitive part of my avatar is me to a 'T.' I can out plant, out plow, out harvest anyone else I have come up against so far.

For those of you who haven't done Farmtown, Farmville, or Yoville, I am the one running my avatar, controlling its motions, typing what it says....It is just easier with a cloak of anonymity. Granted I am talking about Jesus when I think I can get away with it...I guess I am the Farmtown evangelist....and that does not pay very well.

Are your avatars cooler than you?


  1. Indubidably. :) My wife, son, and I got immensely addicted to a Disney online game, called Toontown. You create animal cartoon characters (cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, etc...), go around cartoony streets, hang out with Mickey, Donald, etc..., and throw pies and squirt selzere bottles at robots that are trying to take over the world. You beef up your character and chat with other people's characters.

    Problem with all these games is that they're not reality. Yes, you can witness to people, but that's not usually what they're there for, and your opportunities to evangelize are few and far-between. For us, at least, it turned into a real addiction, where I was skipping work, and my wife was neglecting her duties as mother and keeper of the home. She ended up deleting all her toons and quitting cold-turkey, while my son and I play only very rarely.

  2. Oh, if reality were so good as Farmtown and are right. I know VGA (video game addiction) is a problem for many people, or TA (Twitter Addiction), MSA (MySpace Adiction), FBA (FaceBook Addiction) or CLA (Craigslist Addiction). It is so easy for people to trade reality in for a cyber-reality.