Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Church Followership Poll

In regard to your church leadership, which is closest to how you feel?

a. Delighted in their leadership in most ways and gladly follow in the direction they are headed.
b. Somewhat happy with them because I know we need leadership and at least they are willing to serve.
c. Quietly frustrated in their leadership styles because they won't take the risks that you think would help the church grow and mature.
d. I am silently obedient to the leadership's faces but have expressed my frustration with my closest friends.
e. I am openly critical of them but I do what they ask me to do.
f. I overtly reject the church leadership.
g. I am utterly apathetic toward the leadership and just flat out don't care.
h. Other.
i. All of the above.
j. None of the above.
k. Simpletons and nincompoops.
l. I am tired of talking about it...just go away..."Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...."
m. Jesus (only a choice because every religious test has this answer).

What is the main source of your frustration? What responsibility do you think you have to the leadership of your church?


  1. I'd have to go with m, since we've been worshipping at home for over 3 years now. I've wanted to do a post on my thoughts about congregations (I use that term, instead of "church", because there is only one Church). Running a modern congregation is very tough to do, mainly because everyone is at a different place, in their walk with the Lord (if they're even walking with Him at all!). All in all, I'm with Jesus, when He said that we are not to exercise authority over one another, but serve one another, instead. If all Christians did that, the modern congregational system would rightly collapse, giving way to the Church we see in Acts.

  2. I think you have a valid point. If leaders served the way Christ served, the church would have some major adjustments to go through. I have seen some great leaders and I have seen some tyrannical, mini-Hitlers as leaders. The tyrants usually have smaller congregations of brow beaten, scared-to-death-of- hell that don't know there is something better out there.
    At some time or another, I have been each of the above choices and I would be more at 'm' myself,

  3. a. I can't complain. I'm satisfied with my local church's leadership.

  4. A. I attend and I am always amazed at the quality of leadership they have at every level. They seem to work hard to provide training and accountablity for results at every level of the staff and volunteers. They also really challenge others to get involved. I follow and interact with many staff people through Twitter and most of them also blog. These social networking tools help you get an even better understanding of how and why things are done.

  5. David I have never heard of that church...tell me more...