Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Food?

I am the cook of our family. Like my Grandmother Helen Montgomery (Gandma Grumm), I can slap together a tasty meal pretty quick...I can usually have something on the table within thirty minutes. I am having culinary brain freeze right now and cannot think of anything to fix for dinner. So give some ideas (and recipes, if they are handy) of what to cook. What is your favorite food? Who cooks it the best?


  1. Ok, I'll go first. Favorite food ever: Grandma Grumm's Chicken and dumplings
    Favorite food from a living person: My mother's bean burritos with green chile sauce or my mother-in-law's turkey and dressing.

  2. Elk steak cooked with onions and peppers with a heaping helping of mashed potatoes on the side. Harvesting the elk yourself makes it even better.

  3. We eat mostly Vegan and soooooooo you probably wouldn't be interested kiddo!! I do have a recipe blog and you can find it--on my thingy. (warning--we do drink wine occasionally and I have favs on that recipe blog too)

  4. My favorite recipe is chicken potatoes and carrots all done on the BBQ. YUM! Place the chicken on the BBQ as usual and the potatoes and carrots in foil bags and then on the BBQ.

  5. Orion...hard to hunt for elk in Irving TX...its been a while since elk have grazed freely in TX/

    Nannykim...Vegan...why? Are there good vegan recipes? School me.

    Cherise...yum...and I checked out the recipes on your blog..there's some good eatin' there.

    Thanks for the ideas everyone..