Monday, June 15, 2009

Bad Things Happen To Good People or Are they Really That Good?

So you are a Christian. Cool. You go to church. You live a relatively good life with no horrendously egregious sin going on. You have a job, wife, kids, cars, house in a nice enough neighborhood, and things are rocking along. Cool. You have the resources to meet life's problems, your friends are supportive, and you are paying you bills on time. You are a good person. Good things happen to good people, right? God blesses those who follow Him, right?!?

But what happens when things begin to change? What happens to your faith when you lose your job, wife or kids? What happens when lightening hits your house (see yesterday's post), have an earthquake (see last months post), your house burns down or friends reject you? What happens when your church has problems, you find you you have cancer or your spouse admits to an affair with your best friend? Then what happens to your faith? Bad things happen to bad people? Or do bad things happen to good people? God blesses those who follow Him, right?!?

How do you explain bad things happening to good people?

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