Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Love Books Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

I am sitting here typing and from where I sit, I can see probably 200 books. There a stack of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and Christian self help books. I have books on financial freedom, forgiveness, marriage, Islam, playing guitar, men's issues and hope. I can see books on empathy in the medical profession, prophecy, PowerPoint, and Jesus. Not to mention golf rules, the brain, social psychology and neuroanatomy (I can also see my checkbook...but that is a whole different post). "Talent is Overrated," "Outliers," "Who moved my Cheese," "The Reason for God," and "The Heavenly Man" "Spiral Dynamics" and a magazine article on "Overcoming the Yips." You get the point. I love books.

Do I read them all? I mention that I have a lot of books? Of course I have read them...or parts of them....OK, not all of them. But I want to, when I just get enough time. Books are like Tribbles (see 3 posts ago, "The Trouble with Tribbles"). They multiply....I don't remember buying that cookbook, that book on prayer or another book on grace....I mean, how many books on grace does one need...4...obviously. So books self generate and produce offspring, smaller books that are half the size as their hardback parents.

I wish I had all the knowledge all my books have. Think of the home improvement projects I could do, the gardens I could plant and the churches I could plant. I could be an expert on everything...except auto mechanics...maybe I need to run to the book store. Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books checkout clerks know me by name. I am just glad buying books isn't a sin but if it was, I could buy a book on how to overcome buying books.

So there you have it. My weakness of the flesh, my cross I have to bear. Well, one of the crosses I bear. I also can't go through a gardening center without buying plants, and keep me out of the grocery store because I have to get Oreos, the newest cheese and the hamburger is on sale....but those are a whole different post.

What "addiction" do you have?


  1. I am addicted to coffee houses, blogging, reading, and of course spending time with family. Thanks for your post. Great post and blog brother. I enjoy reading it.

  2. Well, if you are ever in Dallas, perhaps I could help indulge you in your addiction, go for coffee and talk about books. I can be your enabler.