Monday, June 22, 2009

Sharing the Living Water #4

OK. I know I said there were three but I decided to throw in another factor that makes sharing the gospel elegant. The fourth one would be prayer. Pray that God will bring people in your life that need to hear the gospel. Pray for the words to say. Pray for the courage to speak. Pray for a filling of the Spirit so what you say is what the Lord wants you to say.

Lets just pretend that talking about Jesus is difficult for most of us. Our flesh kicks up fear, shame, guilt, or whatever other emotion that makes sharing difficult. We want God to tag someone to speak for us like Aaron did for Moses. But it isn't that hard once you have laid a groundwork of prayer. God makes it a little easier.

So here is what I am willing to do. Comment on this blog about what you need prayer for. I will commit to praying for anything you write and I ask others to pray as well. Lets pray for the courage to speak out for Jesus. So what do you want prayer over?


  1. Pray that God will reveal himself to me in ways in which I do not expect. I need his presence to be evident in my life, and I am quite nearsighted so He might need to move in quite close!

  2. You got it. You might think about getting contacts so God doesn't have to get quite so close. :)