Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sharing the Living Water #3

The third factor that makes sharing the story of Jesus elegant is confidence. When you became a Christian, your story became the property of Jesus, for Him to use as He saw fit. You are not your own, you were bought with a price. You signed over your life to Him. In essence, you turned over the power of attorney to Him.

As I stated in yesterday's post, God is going to use your story to introduce salvation into people's life. Here's how I see it. God is preparing people to come to Him, right now, everywhere. Your story of salvation, your testimony of how Jesus is working in your life is a crucial piece of how God is preparing others' heart. Your testimony may be the tipping point for someone or it may be a stepping stone. Either way, God is using your story, your willingness to share Jesus to further His kingdom. You are needed and wanted.... have confidence in that.

God is not going to put you out there for no reason. He has a purpose for you and your story. He will give you the words to speak. He will unfold the parts of your story that will be meaningful and life changing to others. You just have to be willing to speak it.

Hank is a friend of mine. He was walking in down the aisle of Walmart one day, minding his own business when God told him to speak to a woman coming toward him, pushing a cart full of groceries. So Hank said, "Hi, God wants you to know that he cares about you and your family and that he is going to take care of you." The woman broke down and started weeping, loudly. She said her husband lost his job the day before and she had prayed that morning 'Father if you are really there, let me know it.' She said, "You have blessed me today more than you will ever know." Hank shared his story of how God had provided for him and his family when he had lost his job the year previous. Hank prayed for her (right there in the cereal aisle), then they parted ways. God used Hank's story that day in Walmart.

Do you have confidence that God is working in your life? God is working in ways you can not even imagine and your story is crucial for Him. Your testimony of faith, of how God saved you and continues to work in your life, is needed to sow the seed of the gospel. Whatever your story is, even if you are not a perfect Christian, may be a piece or the tipping point of what someone needs to hear to know Jesus. Have confidence in that. Someone did that for you so pay it forward and be the light for someone else.

What story brought you to Jesus? What keeps you from sharing your story?

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  1. Fear. I am not really sure what I truly fear, except that I will turn someone off from knowing God by saying the wrong things. Yes, that is it. I fear saying the wrong thing. Yes, I know who the father of fear is.