Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fellowship In Jesus

I love being around people...well most of the time anyway. I love to listen and talk about deep things. I like hearing about how some one's week is going or what they are planning to do. I especially like cooking for people and eating with people, new and old. So much can be learned when enjoying a meal together.

But Christian fellowship is not random, just hanging out with others and getting social needs met. There's so much more if we go into it consciously. God has a purpose when we meet and it's not just to talk and eat. Fellowship is to meet the spiritual needs of the Body. Fellowship is an opportunity for the Spirit, living in you, to express Himself using you. Fellowship is God's opportunity to walk among His people and talk to them, love them and touch them.

Five things to do when with other Christians:

1. Pray that God will lead your time together to further His will. Pray that He will lead you to people that He wants to minister to.

2. Pray for wisdom and the gift of prophecy when around other Christians. Even if you don't believe in it, get used to the idea of using your gifts around others.

3. Ask what they need spiritually from you and work to fulfill it on the spot. Don't wait to pray for someone and risk forgetting, do it there, on the spot. Ask God to give you the words to pray over them then listen. Start with something generic (Bless my brother with a job) but be willing to speak other things that God places on your heart.

4. Lay your hands on them (if appropriate) when you pray over them. Touch is powerful and comforting for most. Ask permission first and respect them if they would rather you not touch them.

5. Continue to to pray for that person as God lays them on your heart during the week...tell that person you are praying during the week. Call them and pray over the phone. Let your "fellowship" leak into your regular life and be faithful to pray. There is blessing for you when you do.

What is your favorite thing about fellowship?


  1. True fellowship is often marked by a renewed peace. I think this is the easiest way to know when you are in true fellowship and not just socializing. Socializing can leave you tired.

  2. Amen. I totally agree with that. You walk away from fellowship feeling loved and full (or at least not as empty as before). Great point Susan.