Friday, June 19, 2009

Sharing the Living Water #1

Does sharing the gospel have to be a beat down? Will people only respond if you tell them they are going to hell at least once? Is the gospel a cut and dried, rational discussion? Does there have to be 54 Scripture references during the discussion? I think the answer to these questions is 'no!'

So my next three post are going to be about sharing Jesus in a fluid, elegant, attractive manner. Easy. Magnetic. Charismatic (in a non-Penecostal sort of way).

The first factor is politeness. Politeness is being civil, friendly, cordial, considerate, genuine, empathetic, civilized, and sensitive to the person to whom you are sharing. The opposite of this would include crude, harsh, cynical, arrogant, disrespectful, critical, brusque, punitive, negative, judgemental and condescending. I think every Christian should go through 'politeness training' so sharing the gospel with people would actually be enjoyable for both the sharer and sharee.

Here is what the training would cover:

1. Showing genuine interest in the other person. One has to show respect to them as a human being with the potential to develop beyond where they are and grants them the right to be who they are.

2. Politeness is a response to others' needs on their terms, not one's own needs for earning God points on their 'God Card.' Be nice. Be interested in them. Honor the other person. Others will know whether or not you are responding to them or to your own needs.

3. Be concerned with the other without being nosy or intrusive. Others will know whether or not you are being authentic and genuine or if you are phony and contrived.

4. Listen without becoming distracted. Scrap your agenda and really listen, responding to what is being said, not by what you want to say...there's a HUGE difference.

5. Relax. Sharing the gospel is a process that takes time, relationship building and patience. Jesus didn't cram the gospel down anyone's throat, he gave the the freedom to choose Him. We should do no less.

6. Use real life words. Drop the denomination, religious speak. Use English....simple English.

What do you think about sharing the gospel in a polite way?


  1. #5 is so important. Relationships sometimes take a great deal of time. If you force the timing, you may loose the opportunity. I ask for guidance of what I am supposed to do so that the words from my mouth will not be such a dissapointment. I try...but don't often succeed. Nice list.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I agree...sharing the gospel with someone you have a relationship is sweet indeed.

  3. I agree with this 100 percent! Being polite is important... but hopefully if you are sharing the gospel with someone you have already earned the right to be heard. In other words, you do not come armed with your evangelistic agenda, but rahter have invested in someone's life as a friend... and they towards you. A question that keeps me in check is: If this person never decides to believe like I believe, will I love them anyway and be their friend? Hopefully our answer is always yes and who knows, perhaps the right time will come and they may even want to follow Jesus because of the love we demonstrate.... great thoughts Dusty!