Monday, June 8, 2009

Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

How teachable are you? How open are you to changing your beliefs?

Over the past 26 years, many things have changed in the world. The world has changed from the Russian cold war to Jihad terrorists. We have changed from letters to email, from land lines to cell phones. I can now pay my bills online...oh yeah, now we have an Internet where it didn't even exist 25 years ago. The world is constantly evolving, changing, growing, expanding and developing. Are we supposed to accomodate the changes in the world? If we don't, we become irrelevant. If we do, we are in danger of watering down the most important message the world needs to hear.

I have changed as well. I have become more educated. I have gone from a more conservative to a Spirit-filled Christian. Although I am a "techno-tard," I now have a blog, I use the internet and have been known to text (although 10 times slower than my 12 year old). I am trying to enter the 21st century. I have gone from an institutional Christian to a home church Christian. I want the Lord to fill me, speak through me, heal through me, perfrom miracles in His name. I want to become more relevant. I want to become light in an increasingly dark world. I want to serve living water to a thirsty world. My desire and passion for Jesus has grown and changed.

Many people are threatened by change and circle the wagons to protect beliefs while others seem to change their religious beliefs like they change their underwear (my son would be fairly stable since he rarely changes his underwear). But what changes should we make? Should we accommodate the ever-evolving world or be the unchanging force in the world?

Are you growing along with the world or are your beliefs still living in the 80's? Have your religious beliefs entered the 21st century? What changes have you made to your theology, religion or anything else for that matter (other than your underwear)? Are you open to change? Are you teachable?


  1. My beliefs are definately 21st century. I believe we must live and stive to think as 21st century believers in order to make the difference that Christ wanted us to. I think if you were to ask the same thing to 1st century Christians they would have said the same thing. I pray for all believers and churches that they may be 21 century Christains making a kingdom difference.

  2. What do you think 21st Century beliefs are concerning church or Christ?