Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christlikeness = Childlikeness

"Yes! I tell you that unless you change and become like little children, you won't even enter the Kingdom of heaven."

Let's say the disciples are teenagers. And let's say in is quite natural for these teens to want to know how to become Jesus' favorite disciple....because they were all vying to be numero uno. And then the Rabbi says '...become like a child.." So what is it about a child that Jesus digs. Why a kid? Here are my top ten reason we are to be like children:

1) Children love unconditionally.
2) Children express love openly and unashamedly.
3) Children trust those they love.
4) Children can believe in something they cannot see like it is right there.
5) Children are filled with wonder.
6) Children accept what they learn as fact.
7) Children dance freely and sing loudly and they don't care who sees or hears them.
8) Children laugh loudly and express joy by smiling with their whole face.
9) Children give good hugs and holds hands while walking with someone they love.
10) Children are naive and take other's word as Gospel.

You know an interesting thing about this story is Jesus' relationship with John. John could've been as young as seven or eight when he became a disciple and we know John was the disciple whom Christ loved...Jesus could have very well been talking about John in this verse. John would've been like a son to Jesus and I think Jesus received him as such.

What characteristics of a child do you think Jesus was referring to?


  1. I hadn't thought about John being more like Jesus' son. He is always portrayed as a best friend which is different than a son. Interesting perspective and parallel to our own relationship with him too. Sons receive an inheritance. :)

    11) Children are full of truth. They say it and really mean it. They don't learn sugar coating until much later in life.

    I really like this post. I need reminders of what Jesus is looking for in me.

  2. 12. With a little direction and supervision, children can focus their energies do awesome and surprising things.