Friday, July 17, 2009

The Squirrel Mafia

I have several bird feeders that attract doves, cardinals, and a host of other birds. There are also three squirrels which run the feeders. They sit under the feeders and birds actually throw seeds out to feed the squirrels. What's going on here? I think the squirrels a running a protection racket for the birds.

You see, our cat sits under the bird bath and watches the birds. The squirrels can out run the cat and distract the cat from catching the birds...for that, the birds pay the squirrel in seeds. Lots of seeds. I go through a bag of seeds a day.

I occasionally find feathers and assorted bird parts under the feeder. I think the squirrels allowed the cat to dine on birds that won't feed them. The squirrel mafia whacks the uncooperative birds and my cat is the hitman. The Godfather is being played out daily underneath the feeders. I just wonder if they are putting horse heads in the bird's nest at night...


  1. I have 4 feeders (plus an extra thistle feeder which doesn't count as nothing seems to come to that one!)....we have a ton of squirrels but only one feeder is squirrel proof....the squirrels have destroyed a few of my feeders---ie the ones made of plastic or string ;-). They hang every which way and assume all kinds of postures to get what they want....I used to have one mounted on a window, but the squirrel was ruining my window so I stopped that one! We have one squirrel that only has a one inch tail.

    Anyways, we have no mafia type squirrels---just great acrobats.

  2. Great observations, both of you! If any of these squirrels have FB accounts I will invite them to be in my mafia to play Mafia Wars. It sounds like I might have a better chance at some loot!

    I have a dog that lives directly behind me that warns me when intruders arrive. I looked back there the other night thinking why is Barkapotamus barking his fool head off and I see the largest possum ever delicately scaling the fence back there. I guess I have seen less holes being dug in my yard, so I suppose I have a hitman/lookout over here. :)