Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Problem With "Unsweet" Tea

I need to go on a mini-rant about something that is trivial and petty. I went though the drive up at McDonalds last week and ordered iced tea, to which the person on the other end asked, "Sweet or Unsweet?" I said, "Regular" and I got sweet. Did some buffoon take over the English language? Is this a conspiracy to label things by what they are not in order to define what they are? Do you understand what I just wrote? Is it unconfusing?

I don't understand "unsweet" tea. Who was the genius who thought of the label "unsweet" tea instead of the label "regular" tea? When did "Sweet" tea become the standard leaving "Regular" tea out in the dark? Did we vote on this or did "UnEnglished" people come up with it?

Using this logic, I have decided to name things in our world using the same logic. See if you can figure out what they are given the "un" label:

1. Uncar

2. Unboxers

3. UnCatholic

4. UnMcDonalds

5. Unsinners

6. Unilliterate

7. Unsingle

8. Unmale

9. Undumb

10. Unliberal

11. UnTexan

12. Undull

13. Unlethargic

14. Unhot

15. Unfootball

Come up with the most creative answers for this list and I will give you a mention in a later blog.
"Regular" tea drinkers need to undisorganize and unseparate on this issue and unsit-down unfor this issue.


  1. I think it's just an un-northern thing.

  2. Before you get your unmasculine unboxers in an unstraight condition, have an unstand on your unsofa, pour yourself an uncola (oops, already taken), grab your unsatanic verses and read how unsatan (this feel blasphemous) uncondemns those who are unproud.

  3. This is funny.....HOWEVER if you live in SC the only real ice tea is sweet tea!! If you live in Seattle , Washington the only ice tea they give is unsweet! Guess it depends on what part of the USA you are living in ....regular in the South is always SWEET!! HAAAAA!

  4. The comments are better than the post today. :) Sorry man, you can not mess with the liquid gold that makes you think of lazy summer afternoons. We can take the man out of Colorado, but we can not seem to get the Colorado out of the man. Nice try Dusty!