Friday, July 10, 2009

Hidden Agendas

What do you the think the purpose of "church" is? If your answer is worshipping God, allowing Him to do HIS business and bringing the lost to Jesus, I think you have hit the nail on the head. Everything we do as a body should point to Jesus. Whether it be fellowship, communion, Bible class, praise, worship, prayer, and ministry, where is Jesus?

Many churches may think their purpose is on track but they are off track. For example, I know of churches who regularly preach how other denominations are in error (at best) or going to hell in a hand basket (at worst). So tell me, how does this accomplish the purpose of helping others find Jesus? Really? Other churches may be preaching denominational purity, superiority, and exclusivity. Others are trying to get people in the pews so they can build a new building while others are just trying to stop the mass exodus away from their church. Some churches are a puppet for their minister/pastor while others have a member or two who are at war for the minds of the members. Some ministers try to scare their membership into submission by preaching hell, fire, and/or brimstone. Arg. The problem is that praise and worship isn't really happening. The Spirit isn't even an afterthought. Jesus isn't being preached. Sad.

Just be willing to think about it. Perhaps you are in a church that is perfectly accomplishing their purpose. Great! You may realize that your church has room to grow in this area. Great! If so, what are the agendas of your church? Not "what are the stated goals" or "what should the purpose be" but what is being done toward the purpose of the church? Is it to talk about Jesus? Or is it to have a bigger church? Is it to tow the "denominational line" or to allow God to have His way? Look at the music you sing, the sermons that are preached and the amount of time spent in ministry in church. Each of these expose the hidden agendas lurking in the church.

People will see your congregational agenda. The unspoken mission statement will be lived out by the leadership. If its not about Jesus, they will know. If it's not about Jesus, you got nuthin.'


  1. Do you think it is easier for a visitor to spot the hidden agenda than the actual members?

  2. I believe it is easier for anyone outside the system to see the dysfunction or the agendas. When you aren't part of the church, you can see the quirky things about it.