Friday, July 17, 2009


Peace is not just the absence of strife, the lack of fighting. It's so much more than that. Peace is the state of completeness and well being. It is living in fullness and grace....ultimately it is living life in the the presence of God. There can only be peace in God's presence because in Him we find completeness. In Him is peace that passes understanding. If the Spirit of God dwells in us, peace will pour from us like rivers of living water.

Being content has its rewards. No wanting more. No striving to gain what you don't have. Being satisfied with what you have (or don't have). No whining about the weather or being too tired...peace. No complaints about the spouse or kids...shalom. No worries about the future or the past...complete. No stepping out of moral boundaries...integrity. No unresolved conflict...fellowship. Being OK...blessed. All have the origins of one being at peace with oneself and with God.

May the peace of God dwell in you richly...Shalom.


  1. Much to strive for... if we can't complain about the weather! :P