Monday, July 6, 2009

What Has He Done For You?

Psalms 105.1,5 Make His deeds known among the peoples....Remember the wonders He has done, His signs and His spoken rulings...

I guess the big questions are: What have you seen God do? With your own two eyes, what have you witnessed God do? Have you seen or met someone God healed? I have. Have you seen or met someone that God radically changed? I have. Have you heard God say something to you? I have. Have felt His power surge through you during praise? Boy howdy, I have.

What are your answers to these questions? If all of them are no, something's up. Seriously. God works in His people, through His people, with His people and talks to his people....Today. Really! This isn't just charismatic, Pentecostal hype. It is necessary material for a church to remain vibrant and alive. Your testimony, your eye witness account of what God has done and is doing to you and those you know cause people to have hope and joy.

Is your church (or your own life) lacking joy and hope? Talk about what God has done and is doing to you. Tell it to those around you....There is no such thing as secret miracles. If you are wanting God to perform miracles or healing or whatever in your life, you gotta talk about it. Get excited. Be exuberant. Give God the glory for His works and you will see Him work. If you are willing to tell, He will make something happen for you to tell.

Make a list of things you have seen God do. Here is 10 of mine:

1. Healed Jim's eyes.
2. Healed Mark's knees
3. Spoke through me to Ozell
4. Healed four women so they could conceive a baby (soon to be 5)
5. Saved me from falling to my death
6. Moved through Downtown Church of Christ on a Sunday morning
7. Healed a woman who had cancer (undetectable 3 days later)
8. Caused 4 unwilling Church of Christ guys to speak in tongues (I was one of them)
9. Healed Doug of the AIDS virus
10. Has kept my oldest son alive for 17 years (he wasn't expected to live through the first week)

Now go tell someone what you have seen God do and watch God produce joy and hope in you and the other person.


  1. I just saw a miraculous answer to prayer last week. I wrote about it at I hope you don't mind the link. The story is a little long for a comment.

  2. Thanks for the link. Great Story.

  3. Thanks--that is very searching