Thursday, July 23, 2009

Forgive Me

Forgiveness is vital to us as Christians. Why? Because people are going to let us down. People (even those who we love and consider friends) do and say things that hurt, sometimes very deeply. Those around whom we trusted break that trust like a crystal vase and people we thought were a rock turned out to be sinking sand. People can be unfair, mean, oafish and crude, each of these things hurt us. And sometimes people are callous and cruel because they themselves were hurt. And when people do hurtful things, we can either forgive or grow angry, bitter, and cynical.

The world is not fair. The world is a fallen place. And the Spirit cannot dwell in one who harbors unforgiveness, no matter how justified it feels or how severely one was hurt...unforgiveness closes the door to the presence of God.

Forgiveness takes time and effort. When the time is right, it is a spiritual tool we can use to give the world (and ourselves) hope and peace. Forgiveness sows the seeds that the world can be better a place. It is the first step toward regaining the only personal control you have in this fallen world...and that is the power of allowing God to handle it for you. God sees each and every human being as a part of a fallen and sinful world. Christians and non-Christians alike sin against each other because we have all been affected by the fallen world.

We all sin against people and people sin against us. Lying, cheating, gossiping, cutting us off in traffic, treating us disrespectfully, making fun of us, stealing from us, taking advantage of each other, manipulating and breaking promises are just a few reason why Jesus died for us, so we could live in freedom and love. He died so we could forgive each other.

Forgiveness is the wildflower that stubbornly pushes through the crack in the road. It blooms where it shouldn't but gives hope to all. When we forgive, the pain and disappointment becomes...better. It gives God's hope to the offender and gives God's comfort to the offended. Both can move on. Both can enjoy relationship with God again, even if the offense means the relationship between two people must be severed....But hope can thrive. Forgiveness is like a thousand doves being released, flying in random directions, affecting all whom it touches.

I wish I could express the regret in my heart for those I have hurt. From the kids I thoughtlessly made fun of in middle school to those I sinned against yesterday. Sorry seems so flimsy, so trite that it doesn't express the spiritual realities that underlie it all. So please forgive me. Please allow the love of God to again bloom in your heart....and mine. Forgive me so neither of us has to carry the burden of our sin anymore. Forgive me so I can, in turn, forgive those around me, passing the blessing forward so true healing can begin in our fallen world. It all begins with "I forgive you for...."

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  1. Well, even though you post nearly every day, while I barely average 2 a month, I guess I'll have to forgive you for it. ;)

    Keep preaching it, Bro!