Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be Still

I don't know how many times in my life I have been told to sit still. My body naturally wants to move, it is only responding to what is going on inside my head. My mind is a bucket of eels, in constant motion, from thought to thought to thought to...hey, there's a chicken. My brain is Hammy the Squirrel (Over the Hedge), a flurry of activity, even if my body is sitting relatively still. For me, stillness (as in "Be still and know I am God") has more to do with quieting the mental gymnastics, speaking 'Jesus is Lord' over my creativity gone awry, not constantly leaping from thought to thought...be still.

When my twelve year old has too much sugar or when he drinks a Dr. Pepper behind our back, we know because he leaves chaos, destruction, mayhem and calamity in his wake. I have to sit down and hold him, bear hug his arms, put my legs over his and wait it out. That is when his body goes limp, he finally relaxes, and can sit still. That is the way I need God to sit with me, hold me until my energy is gone, then I get still.

I have found I can focus more if I can talk out loud. Saying 'Jesus is Lord' quietly focuses me back to where I want to be...still. My brain can slow down if I quietly, calmly speak "Jesus is Lord." I don't understand stillness. But I know that is how we know God, that is when God begins to reveal himself. Scripture is clear about that. We are here to give God what he wants and He wants us to be still...be quiet....cease striving.

But have we lost this art in church and in our lives. I know many a church staff that wants all the time filled with purposeful activity. But perhaps making quiet time for God is a best use of time. I know in the groups I have led, after our praise and worship, after giving all our heart, I allow time for God...in silence. Slow the pace down...take a breather. I don't think church should be "Spiritual Aerobics" but rather we should allow time for God to respond to us. Yes the Lord enjoys our efforts and loves our passionate pursuit for Him. Then He wants to speak to us.

Any conversation, dialogue, means the others (God) gets to speak as well. And if we are still, we can listen. The idol of "me" doesn't like being still, but that is exactly what I need.

What helps you to get quiet? What has stillness done for you?

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  1. Be
    Be still
    Be still and know
    Be still and know I Am
    Be still and know I am God.