Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dallas Morning "Good" News

For me, the top ten things which are actually "good news:"

1. God will lead me where He wants me to be, like a gentle shepherd.

2. The grace of God covers me better than my auto, home and health insurance.

3. God talks back (He also heals, guides, directs, prophesies, loves, creates, reveals and saves).

4. God loves me, God cares about me, God accepts me, and God wants me.

5. There is unimaginable power behind saying "Jesus is Lord." God saves, fills, heals, and changes me through it.

6. My small, imperfect offering of worship, praise, prayer, and purpose is multiplied infinitely by God, to be a pleasing offering, holy and acceptable.

7. I am more than saved; I am fulfilled, completed and energized by Jesus Christ.

8. Others, who love Jesus first, can love me, minister to me, admonish me and encourage me. Together, we form the amazing body of Christ.

9. God is deeper, more awesome than I can understand or even conceive (because if I could grasp everything about Him, He wouldn't seem quite as great).

10. The Spirit is moving and working in our world today, as much today as He did in the first century (and all we have to do is ask for Him).

What's in your top ten?

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