Saturday, April 4, 2009

Top 30 Worship Songs

Worship is different from praise in that worship is how we respond to the presence of God (I love you Lord, My soul pants for thee Lord, We bow down, etc.). Praise, in contrast, is exalting the characteristics of God (Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, Who was and Is and Is to come, We praise thee of God, We Glorify your Holy name, etc). I have found that when you lead with praise then transistion into worship, it works best for being in the presence of God. If you are a worship leader, a must read is Vivien Hibbert's Prophetic Worship has more information on this subject.

Top 30 Worship Songs:

Artist Album Song
Eoghan Haslip Mercy Here I Am to Worship
Destiny Christian Center In Your Sanctuary Holy Spirit of he Living God
Jason Morant Abandon I Delight/Place in My Heart
Audio Adrinaline Lift Tremble
Michael W. Smith Worship Again Give You My Heart
Daivd Ruis Touching the Father’s Heart True Love
Brian Doerksen You Shine You Surround Me
Vineyard Spirit of the Sovereign God Full of his Glory
Michael W. Smith Worship Breathe
The Katinas WOW Worship Yellow Draw Me Close
Vineyard Winds of Worship 3 Holy and Anointed One
Brian Doerksen You Shine With All My Affection
Brian Doerksen KHC Worship 1 Ever So Gently
Destiny Christian Center In Your Sanctuary I Feel Your Presence
Vineyard Eternity My Jesus I Love thee
Mercy Me Almost There In You
David Ruis The Mystery Lily of the Valley
Brian Doerksen Father’s House Father Me
Jonah 33 The Strangest Day Search Me, Know Me
David Teems No Language but a Cry Come Holy Spirit, Come
Matt Redman Thirsty- A Journey of Intimacy Intimacy
Christ for the Nations We Cry Out I Enter In
Paul Oakley New Frontiers Live 2002 Be Lifted Up
Vineyard Free to Fly I Need You
Graham Kendrick What Grace I Kneel Down
Eoghan Haslip Deeper The entire CD is great.
Darrell Evans Trading My Sorrows I Am Yours
Caedmans Call my calm\\your storm There’s a Stirring
Paul Baloche iWorship Platinum Your Name
Darrell Evans Trading My Sorrows Your Love is Extravagant

I would be interested in learning about others favorite worship songs as well.

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  1. Artist: Jeff Moody
    Album: Love Came Down
    Song: The Confession