Saturday, April 18, 2009

Word of God Speak

Jesus said, "My sheep know my voice." One of the advantages to following in the dust of the Master is that is that He speaks to us (sheep) and directs our paths. After years of being deaf to the voice of God because of unbelief, I wanted to hear His voice. So I asked him to speak to me....and He did. I am not insane or psychotic (at least not formally diagnosed...heh, heh) and I am not given to emotional hype. I am a rational man of God who takes God's promises seriously. I want a relationship with God, which includes 2-way communication. I want more than an intellectual understanding of God.

When people ask me what it is like for God to speak to me, I have had several different experiences. Sometimes, God speaks to me as plain as another person speaks to me. It is like listening to a whisper, a still small voice, that I can hear. I have experienced this more after several weeks of fasting. I have also experienced this after a couple hours of praise and worship, which readied my spirit to hear God speaking to me.

I also sense God in my heart. I sense God moving through me and know what God wants or what He is speaking to me. It is accompanied with a warm sensation then a "knowing" sensation...I just know what God is speaking.

Third, I sense God's presence like a warm, secure, safe hug....a complete surrounding of my entire being. It is hard to describe other than a sense of completeness, peace and total love. I feel accepted, nurtured, and wanted.

I also sense God speaking to me through worship and reading scripture. At times, when I am singing praise or worship, the words have a special meaning to me....either a word or phrase jumps off the page and seems more powerful or I sense deeper meaning. With Scripture, a similar thing can happen. Words that I have read for years takes on a new meaning....what were just words before speak directly to me. With it comes a sense of security, comfort, admonishment or love.

How do I know it's from God?

1. It is in line with Scripture. God is not going to counter scripture or tell you to do something that is against his nature or His Word. He is not going to tell you to shoot and kill your mother since murder is clearly wrong according to the Ten Commandments.

2. By its fruit, you will know. Does what God is speaking to you produce good fruit? The fruits of the Spirit are joy, peace, patience, love, gentleness, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control....does what God is saying to you produce these things in you or in others? God is about growth, healing, and completing his work in us.

3. God calls us to repentance...does what God is speaking to you encourage confession, repentance, or forgiveness...does it draw others to God? Does it glorify God...does it give God glory and honor? If the Word God is speaking to you draws people closer to Him, to obedience, then it is from God.

What is your experience of God talking to you? What is the experience like for you? Write about so others can learn from your experiences.

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