Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spiritual Leadership

Church leadership is a touchy subject. Leading an "all volunteer organization" as a minister, elder or deacon is hard because of the pressures from our families, church members, and our own expectations. The one thing I realize is that all church leaders must humble themselves before God and do what HE wants with the church. The leaders are the second in line behind God.

Top ten characteristics of spiritually mature leaders:

1. They demonstrate the principles laid out in scripture (confession, repentance, prayer, fasting, seeking God, etc.). The greatest way to lead is to lead by example.

2. They should pray before they speak and listen for God's desires instead of acting on tradition or legal advice.

3. They should actively develop other leaders.

4. They should actively encourage every member (from the youngest and least to the oldest and crusty) to use their spiritual gifts.

5. They should be at the forefront of sharing their faith and how God has worked the miracle of grace and mercy in their lives.

6. They should be sensitive to the needs of others.

7. They should be confidential.

8. They should actively seek a fresh outpouring of the Spirit in their church.

9. They should equip and encourage people to do ministry.

10. They should be extraordinary in love, gentleness, joy and faith walking.

Can you think of other characteristics?

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