Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Top Ten Places to Eat in Irving, Texas

Although we have most major chain restaurants here in Irving, it is worth it to check other places outside the run of the mill places. These are not in rank order and they are all worth checking out:

10. Joe's...Great pie, friendly people, it is the place where people in Irving meet and eat.
9. iFratelli....authentic Italian, awesome pizzas.
8. Marble Slab...OK, it's only ice cream but it definitely goes on the list.
7. Tommy's BBQ....I have never had a bad meal here.
6. Donut shop on at Esters and 183...Donuts and more donuts.
5. Vitos...Great pizza, great Italian food
4. Angelos...If you live in Irving, Angelos is a staple. Family friendly, pocket book friendly.
3. Makiboy...A hole in the wall but great Asian food, Intimate, good food.
2. Sweet Tomatoes....Awesome salad place, get ready to loosen your belt.
1. Captain Nemo's Subs...Good sandwiches

So try these places...Add your own if you think I missed one.

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