Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spiritual Gifts

Romans 12.6-8

Prophesy: Speaking what God gives you to say

Serving: Serving others that God moves you to serve

Teaching: Helping others to understand what God wants others to know

Counseling: Exhorting or comforting those God leads you to

Giving: Being generous with what provisions God has given to those who God direct you to give

Leadership: Leading the using God's direction

Mercy: Showing mercy to those who God wants to receive mercy and grace.

I Corinthians 12

Word of Wisdom: God giving a person instructions for another to fix a problem or how to navigate a tough situation.

Word of Knowledge: God giving you information about a person or situation that you previously had no knowledge about.

Healing: A person using God's healing power to speed up the natural forces of healing or provide relief from physical or emotional sickness.

Miracles: A person using God's power to break the physical laws of nature to bring about belief in non-believers

Prophesy: Speak words that God gives you to speak

Discernment: Where the Holy Spirit gives a person Truth concerning a matter

Tongues: Speaking a foreign language not previously known or speaking a prayer language known only to God.

Interpreting tongues: God given ability to listen to someone speaking in tongues and know what they are saying

Administration: The God given ability to know who has which spiritual gifts and to help others find the help they need amongst spiritually gifts individuals

If have others, please share them with the group.

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