Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't ask "WHY?"

Ever heard these questions?

Why doesn't the leadership at church do something about the worship?
Why can't they do something to make worship better?
Why don't others get into worship more?
Why don't they sing more contemporary (or traditional) songs?

How do these questions make you feel? When I say them, there is a sense of powerlessness, like I am a victim. Questions with a "why me?" tone to them say, "I am a victim of the environment and the people around me." Not a very constructive or productive thought, eh? But we ask them or hear them all the time.

Anyone can fall into the 'Why?' trap. You ask most church leaders and they will tell you that 10% of the congregation does 90% of the work. "Why can't the younger generation be satisfied with church?" "Why won't people give more money to support the work of the church?" "Why won't more people volunteer to teach Bible class or....?" "Why won't people get into worship more?" But these question generate more despair than hope.

That's all victim thinking and it will not help a church move forward. Our entire culture continually asks "Why is this happening to me?" But lets not forget that every single church is made up of individual members. You and me. The best thing we can do to get rid of the victim thinking in our churches is to get rid of it in ourselves.

The first thing we each must do is stop asking "Why?" or "When?" or "Who?" and begin to ask "What?" or "How?" questions. What would happen if, instead of asking the why questions, we asked these instead:

"What can I do to improve worship?"
"What can I do to make the worship experience meaningful and passionate?"
"What can I do to be more involved in the worship experience and how can I connect more with the presence of God?
"How can I take more responsibility for my own worship experience and bring my "worship 'A-game?'"
"How can I learn more useful principles of worship and praise?"
"What can I do differently today to worship with all my heart?"

Try asking and answering these questions and see where the Lord will take you (and your church).

***Adapted from the book QBQ*****

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