Monday, April 20, 2009

Called Into the Deep

Wading, staying near the shore of this mighty river,
Trusting, I can touch the sandy bottom of the eddy,
I am secure from the mighty current, the terrible raging water.
I play at the edge, afraid of the current, the strength of its power,
An untamed power that sweeps the careless away.
The eddy is warm, inviting, and sheltered,
Content in the shallows with minnows and tadpoles
I expect nothing more on this warm summer day.

I look out over the mighty river, away from this lazy eddy,
Away from the slow motion whirlpool, this miniture harbor,
Away from the trash and debris, slothfully circulating.
I see the careless out in the swift water, thrashed and taken,
Swept away by the river, in laughter and song.
I sense fear in my heart and longing for something,
Disgust grows in my thoughts, like weeds in a garden,
toward what made me comfortable just moments ago.

Out of the eddy walking into the rapids, into the current my heart wants to plunge
I place my trust in my faith, not in what is tangible,
My head says, "Swim back, stay near the shore."
But my heart compels me out into the current, I dare not resist.
I am swept off my feet and can not touch the bottom,
Nothing to hold on to which makes me secure.
Momentarily, I regret listening to my heart,
placing faith in the unseen, in what I don't know.

The water is cold out here in the current, I do not fight it,
The current has no time to be placid and safe, so I wait for its time.
My heart is refreshed, this adventure is awesome,
I am secure in the might current, the wonderful raging water,
Untamed power fills my heart completely.
My heart knew what I needed when my head wanted safety,
To let go in faith, to lose all control,
Get out of the eddy, the warmth of the shallow,
Guided by faith, to lose all control.

I wrote this poem three years ago, at a time I was taking many risks and growing spiritually.

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