Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 20 Most Scenic Places I Have Ever Visited

These are just places I have been that are the most beautiful places I have been.

1. Kebler Pass, Colorado. The road between Crested Butte and Paonia is filled with aspen trees, beautiful mountains, and stunning vistas.

2. Rainbow Bridge, Utah. WOW!

3. Azaleas blooming in Knoxville, TN and Tyler, TX.

4. Lake Tahoe, NV

5. Black Canyon, Colorado

6. Crystal River, Colorado

7. Devil's Backbone, Texas

8. Lake Ten Killer, Oklahoma

9. Mt. Elbert, Colorado Standing on the top of this 14,433 foot mountain, you can see the entire state of Colorado...breathtaking.

10. Maroon Bells, Colorado

11. Malibu Beach, CA

12. The cardinals on my birdfeeder in Irving, TX.

13. Smoky Mountains outside Knoxville, TN

14. Scuba Diving off of Cancun, Mexico

15. Independence Pass, Colorado

16. Paonia, Colorado....Because I grew up there and it feels like home.

17. Lost Lake, Colorado Right off Kebler Pass, worth the 2 mile hike to get there.

18. Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

19. Marble and Crystal City, Colorado I love the old mill on the Crystal River and the Devil's Punchbowl.

20. My backyard Its home, its beautiful, its mine.

What places are in your top 20? Name one or name them all.


  1. Man, you are making us think too
    hard...but really ,when you think of it, beauty can be found everywhere... I think it is because God is so beautiful and His creation reflects this! Some of my favorite places:

    1. The mountains around Seattle,

    2. MT Washington in NH,

    3. the ski slopes in Vt,

    4. beaches anywhere--where I live now in SC and where I grew up in CT,

    5. the plains of OK--the big big Sky there

    6. the swamps of SC,

    7. Glacier National Park,

    8. Apple Orchard Camp Ground in Saluda NC (many family members and a quiet place )

    9 Charleston, Sc with all of its history,

    10. my home and backyard (love the birds, squirrels, and plants ;-),

    11. the inside of my Church--it is such a place of peace and worship,

    12 anywhere my grandkids are ;-),

    13. Blue Ridge Highway area,

    14. the mountains of Japan,

    15. the little remote villages that are near the sea in Italy (in a Mountain area)

    16. Pompey because the reminder of the brevity of life and the need to live fully,

    17. my little town in Spring--filled with azelias, wisteria, and dogwoods,

    18. the river area that runs through my town with its deep dark cyprus stained waters,

    19. any coffee shop or tea shop is a place of beauty for me--a place where people connect and communicate and enjoy something as simple as a drink.

    20 Alaska!(I have only flown over it and stopped in it to refuel--but what I saw was unreal!),

  2. WOW! You have relly travelled alot and to many cool places. Your list in an inspiration to get out and see the world more. I agree with you though that there is no place like home.