Saturday, May 16, 2009

Earthquake in Texas??!!???

We had an 3.3 earthquake in Irving Texas this morning. FREAKY. Things shaking a little but other than that no damage. Nothing like feeling out of control for 10 seconds. You ever been through one?


  1. I lived in the high desert in California in the early 90s, and lived through the Joshua quake from my second-story apartment in California City. The first thing I remember is sitting up in bed wide awake looking at my wife, wondering why we were sitting up and looking at each other. Then the entire building moved 100 feet that way, then back, then 10 feet that way, and back, while we both ran to stand under a doorframe. It was quite the experience, and one of two we went through.

    The second was like a giant hand slapping the whole building - no back and forth that time.

  2. OK, so a 3.3 isn't that bad. It just felt like standing on bridge with a tractor trailor driving across, heavy vibrations. I can't imagine a house being moved like you describe. That would be terrifying.