Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why do sinners have more fun than Christians?

Have you ever noticed that most people who are not Christians seem to have more fun than Christians. Why is that? We are the ones who are saved! We are the one who should have joy pouring from every pore of our body! We are the ones who have freedom in Christ! We are the ones who have a fellowship of brothers and sisters that support us and love us! Shouldn't we be having more fun that those who aren't saved! Who came and stole our joy, our passion and fun?

I know an unsaved guy who is very moral. He drinks beer without guilt and doesn't care that people know about his sex life. He has a slew of friends (I am one of them) that care about him and like him. He doesn't go to church nor does he read his Bible (but I think I saw one on a bookshelf). I have tried to talk gospel with him but he isn't interested (He says, "God and I have an understanding"). I am OK with him. I figure that God will soften his heart some day and I am just waiting for that to happen. But until then, he sure seems to be having a whole lotta fun.

So are Christians supposed to be fun loving and passionate or dour and solemn? Did Jesus have fun and pull practical jokes on the disciples or was he hyper-serious, "nose to the grindstone" and serious all the time? What do you think?


  1. christians' should have fun; we are suppose to be the examples and the light and life of the world. fun should not only be sex, drugs and immoral conduct. fun should be loving, laughing, and living.The problem is most christians cannot find that balance; we judge more then we forgive and love. If we have joy unspeakable, then fun and life and laughter should be a milestnone for christians. the problem is we wear masks so people will think we are this or that,, Anytime you try to create an image instead of being that image you fake out and you tire yourself out and everyone around you. So the sinner man who can care less about the fakeness is not moved or impress cause he still see his condition in you, instead of life exuding from us. So when christians truly become christlike(in his image) fun will rise because christ is funny; just look at the universe, his creation and now look at you!!!