Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Fear

The only consistent thing in life is change.

Life is like a mobile hanging from the ceiling. Each part has fallen into it's place based on balance. I am a part of that mobile and equilibrium has chosen where I feel most comfortable. Everyone in my life, from church, work, family, and neighborhood (and ultimately the county, state and country) knows what I am like and I have a place there.

But what happens if I change. What if I don't like where I am? And what if I do things differently? What happens to the mobile? If I change my weight on the mobile, the entire mobile must readjust to compensate for my change. If I change, the entire system must change!

Here are two examples that I have seen in my life. Fifteen years ago I was happily a part of of a conservative church. I was a cog in the church machine as a deacon, Bible class teacher, small group leader, and was actively involved in ministry. Through balance, I had a place among the church members. Then it fell apart....

I went to a Promise Keepers meeting at Texas Stadium and worshipped amidst charismatic, fundamental, Pentecostal, and conservative brothers from varying denominations and churches. That was the first time I raised my hands in worship. That was the first time I felt the presence of God in worship. It changed everything for me. I could no longer sit idly during worship without being there with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. It illustrated for me, the passion I had always wanted for Jesus.

So I go back to church the next day. I raised my hands in a non-hand-raising congregation. People looked at me (I was the one with my hands in the air during praise and I was pretty easy to see). People started talking but a few others started raising their hands too. Classes talked about it and the elders had to meet and say it was OK. That is how one person changing can change a larger group.

I live in a quiet neighborhood. A developer bought a house on our closed cul-de-sac to gain access to a large parcel of undeveloped land behind our neighborhood. We didn't want another 175 cars on our street per day. So I did something. I went from being quiet man in a quiet neighborhood to talking to the neighborhood and city leaders about it. I stood up against the developer, even under the criticism of others close to me. I spoke at the City Council meeting and the City Council agreed with me. Our neighborhood won. I changed what I did and it changed a neighborhood.

You wonder why your church won't change? Perhaps they need someone who will change themselves. You can be the agent of change in your family, church, neighborhood, city, state and nation by changing what you do and how you think. But you have to have the courage to act on what God is leading you to do. If you want to see God do more with you, you have to be faithful with the little things He leads you to do. What change is God leading you to make and how do you think that change would change those around you?

Ask God to give you the courage when you can't muster enough for yourself. Jesus is Lord.


  1. Very inspiring, Chris. I had a similar experience about 3 years ago, which has led me to re-evaluate what church should be like. I should write about it sometime, although the end-result for us is that we left the congregation, alienated my wife's parents, and currently still worship at home.

  2. I would love to hear that story. Thanks for your comment.