Friday, May 29, 2009


"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful."

Devoted. adj. to center the attention or activities of....

I struggle with this whole devoted thing. I have interests. I have things I enjoy doing. But am I devoted to those things...hardly. I don't think I pour myself into anything that much. Why? hmmmm........maybe I don't want to be disappointed or hurt. Maybe I don't want to put myself fully out there to have it taken away. Maybe not being devoted to anything is self protection, it keeps me from going "all in" and losing. Maybe Satan has numbed me from being passionately and wholeheartedly dedicated. Maybe I am just a man who is out of touch with his emotions. Maybe aliens came and removed that part of my brain during the night about three years ago.

I am devoted to my wife and sons. I would fight to the death protecting them and trying to give them what they need. I am also devoted to my family, my brothers and sister and mother and father. There are some brothers in Christ that would also fall into the "devoted" category. OK, so I am not devoid of devotion.

But I need and want to be devoted to prayer. I realize it is the lifeline I need to stay connected to God...I just realize I am not there right now. I need and want more devotion to my Savior, to the Father that loves me. How does one get there? Can I get there? If you are there, how do you do it? Mentor me.

To whom or what are you devoted to? What gets the bulk of your attention? How do you devote yourself to things that are important to you?

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  1. Good questions. It seems that some of my time can be easily devoted to things by proximity and not priority. That can be good or bad.

    I'm a homebody, so devoting time to my family is easy, even though that would be my priority also. However, devoting time to a ministry that is 30 miles from my house is difficult and even though it is a priority, proximity makes it tough.

    In terms of devotion to prayer - I'm with you. A recent book I read that was helpful is No Easy Road by Dick Eastman.