Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Jesus is Lord" (Say it out loud)

When you read this post, do something for me. Each time you come to the statement, "Jesus is Lord," say it OUT LOUD. Vocalize. Form the words and say them. Try it.

Romans 10.9-10 That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

As a confession of faith, "Jesus is Lord," is all you need to be saved. But saved when and from what? Do we have to wait until we die to be saved or is there some savin' on this side of the grave that needs to happen? When I say "Jesus is Lord" I believe we are saved each and every time we confess it. In fact, I Cor. 12.3 says that you can only say "Jesus is Lord" is the presence of the the Spirit. You want to experience the fire of the begin with "Jesus is Lord."

"Jesus is Lord." Jesus is Lord over my church. "Jesus is Lord" over my relationship with my wife. "Jesus is Lord" over government and he is Lord over my sin. In fact, if I say, "Jesus is Lord" when I do sin, I am that sin. "Jesus is Lord" over my finances and "Jesus is Lord" over my anger. "Jesus is Lord" over pornography and he is "Lord" over alcohol and drugs. When we declare "Jesus is Lord" the power of salvation and redemption becomes possible.

"Jesus is Lord" of shame and guilt. "Jesus is Lord" over those who seek me harm and he is "Lord" over past abuse. "Jesus is Lord" in my quiet time and he is "Lord" in my chaos...when I have a flat tire, have plumbing adventures, "Jesus is Lord." Say it in your prayers and add to your praise time. It's easy and free.

So try it today. Place as many things under the Lordship of Jesus today and experience the salvation of the Lord. "Jesus is Lord." Feel better?


  1. Great thought. my co-workers started to wonder if I've been hiding my charismatic side when reading your post.

    Jesus is Lord.

  2. There are worse things they could wonder about you.

  3. This is indeed a good post. Just saying "Jesus is Lord!" makes me feel so better. Kind of makes everything else seem small.