Monday, May 25, 2009

Turn Your "Wanter" On

My son wants a lot of things. Each and every day, he tells me about something he "needs" or "has to have," each item costing at least a thousand dollars. This week...electric cello...amp for the electric cello...electric guitar....amp for the electric golf club (or two) you get the picture. I have told him numerous times to turn his "wanter" off (or to get a job). I think it is good that he wants things but he needs to learn how to handle those desires.

Which brings me to my other point...God says we "don't have because we don't ask." What do you need that God can provide? Spiritual gifts? Wisdom? Love? Affection? Money? God says to ask for them and he will provide. He wants to bless us but we gotta ask for it.

So...pray that God will give you your spiritual gifts. I Corinthians says to ask earnestly (like you really mean it). Try it and see if God will give you what He has promised. Turn your "wanter" on.

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