Friday, May 1, 2009

Why Ask?

God says if we ask in faith, He will give it to us. Scripture says we do not have because we do not ask. So what is the deal with asking?

Chris Siedman at Farmers Branch Church of Christ spoke a couple of years back on the the subject of asking. He spoke about asking his wife for things that were already his by the covenant of marriage. We ask our wives for what we want and need because we love them, we don't want to take advantage of the covenant we have with them. Yes, our body is hers and her body is ours, and out of love, we ask. We have promised each other to give of ourselves yet we still ask. What does it say about us if we quit asking? What if we wait until our wives give to us without our asking? How long will it be until our needs are met? What if we don't ask because we begin to meet our own needs independent of her?

In the same way, God has promised us help, provision, healing, spiritual gifts, Holy Spirit, Wisdom and many other things if we but ask Him. He has made a covenant with us to give us what we need. We ask Him because we love Him. We ask Him because He has promised us that He will give to us. We ask because we love and respect Him. Yes, our body is His (we are His bride) and His body is ours (we are the body of Christ because His body was broken for us) and out of love, we ask the Lord for what we need. We have promised God to give of ourselves and He has promised the same thing. What does it say about us if we stop asking for what we need? Lack of trust? What if we wait until the Lord gives to us without us asking? He tells us we do not have because we do not ask. What if we do not ask because we are meeting our own needs "independent of Him?" What does that say about our relationship with Him?

What do you think about this?

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  1. Well, my first instinct (because I am lame and argumentative) is to dispute the correlation of the analogy: I am a wife. I can only read my husband's thoughts 60% of the time. Even when I can, I am a selfish, sinful, flawed person and may have ulterior motives about what to do with the thought and/ or how to manipulate the situation.

    HOWEVER -- I get the point. I don't ask. And, sadly, I really don't even expect because I'm not asking. I'm just floating, and suspect I am missing out on some amazing God-moments by not wholly leaning on Him.

    Your comments on my blog were very kind and gracious today. Thank you for that! I plan to return from blog-hiatus on Monday.

    Until then, I just may dance before the Lord -- loved your previous post, too!